Our Story


Scandinavian Hockey Consulting was founded in 2009 as a result of the growing desire amongst European players to play Junior and College Hockey in North America. The company consists of Swedish staff located in both Sweden and the United States, making it possible for us to assist our clients and families before, during, and after their arrival in the United States.

Our Story

After having played, coached, and lived in North America for significant periods of our lives we came to realize that there is a serious need for a service designated specifically to help European players find suitable Prep School, Junior and College teams in North America. Furthermore we also noted a great need to have a contact person on site in North America to make the transition smoother and help with day to day operations.

Based on our own experiences, we know how difficult it can be to find a suitable team to play for. It can be tough to comprehend all the information that is available on the Internet. We recognized that in more cases than not, you end up with more questions than answers.

With our expertise and knowledge about North American hockey, we can help you with everything you may need. Through our wide network of connections at all levels of North American hockey, we work for our players to find a suitable team and assist them on site, making sure that they can focus 100% on being successful on and off the ice.

We strive to help every player who has the desire to play hockey in North America, as long as the player himself has a burning desire and work ethic to do so.

We use our experience and knowledge to maximize our client’s performance and exposure to North American Hockey. Regardless of what your goals are, we can and will do our absolute best to assist you!

Disclaimer: We reserve the right to reject applicants based on our selective evaluation process.

“If you succeed, we succeed”

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