Henning Dahlberg

Posted on February 16, 2016

You wanna hear something crazy? We only have 2 regular season games left.We are heading to the most fun part of the season, playoffs! Last year with my team in Sweden we had a very successful post season with an advance to the highest junior league in Sweden. I remember every game like it was yesterday, the intensity and passion that everyone brought to the table was inspiring and extremely fun to be a part of. I think that the team that enjoys the moment the most will be the most successful team in the playoffs. The fun thing about playoffs as well is that it don´t have to be the team that enters the playoff series with most points and that are favorites that have to win, in playoffs, anything can happen.

The hockey part of my life here has been going better and better after Christmas even though I think that I might played as good as now before Christmas, now I am finally starting to find the back of the net more often. It only took like 30 games haha…. Honestly the thing is that we as a team has been playing really well lately. We are as good as any team in this league when we are playing to our full potential.

There has been and there is a lot going on outside of the ice also. I am in the process of applying to schools and talking to coaches about my plans for the upcoming year. Campus size, campus location, academic possibilities, academic level, hockey program, the level of play and so on is just some of the things that plays a part in a decision. A good way of getting the feel of a school is to go for a visit. I have been and I am trying to go for as many visits as I can just to see how things really are at the school, there is one thing to look up the website and read about all of the buildings and stuff but to be honest it is not until you go for a visit that you really can tell.

The 1st of April at 9:20 pm my flight back to Sweden will take off. Time flies. I can’t believe that I have been here for so long and that my time here is over soon. But as Muhammed Ali once said, “Don´t count the days, make the days count”

Henning Dahlberg

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