Henning Dahlberg

Posted on March 12, 2016

Last week my hockey season ended leaving a big hole in my life to fill up until next season starts. We lost against the Norhern Cyclosen in the third and decisive game of the three game series with a score of 3-1. The game was like the series a hard fought and close game with a lot of chances, physical plays and, of course, some nice goals. After the game when we had shook the winning team´s hands and wished them good luck in the rest of the playoffs my emotional stability got a hit. I realized that this was my last junior hockey game. Obviosly that thought had hit me before but it had not really affected my a lot cause I mean back then I still had hockey to go to everyday and I was focused on that and working out and playing hockey games but now when it was all over I broke down. I cried, not only cause I had played my last junior hockey game but mostly cause that was the last game with the group of guys I shared blood, sweat and tears with the last 6 months. People might think that we only played and practiced together but the thing is with a team that you are more than just that, for 6 months those guys are your family. They were all good players but more importantly better persons.


A door opened up for me to extend my season this past week when I got invited to play in the Beantown Spring Classic in Marlboro, MA. It is a showcase tournament where the best players on the east coast gets invited to play three games during three days in three different divisions. I played in the college division where players that have not yet committed to a school gets invited to showcase their skills in front of a lot of Div.1 and Div.3 scouts. I had a really good time playing in the tournament and I believe that I played pretty good as well.


Now that this season is completely over I look back and reflect over the hockey part of my experience here. It has been an unbelievable season for me. I have developed a lot. My skating is better, my shot is better, my physical play is better, yeah I can honestly say that I have developed all aspects of my game much thanks to Coach Heinze who has been extremely important to me. Not only cause his way of coaching and developing players but also due to his wide contact network which has been rewarding for us players. If it was not for Coach Heinze, I would not have been the player I am today.

I want to end this blog post with telling the american, or not swedish, people who reads this about fika.Fika is an extremely important and fantastic phenomenon existing in the Swedish culture. Fika is when you tae a break from whatever you are doing, no matter what kind of job you have, and you drink a cup of coffee usually with a small snack and relax, either by yourself but preferably with your friends or workmates. Today is my first outdoor fika. I am sitting on the outdoor deck of my billet family´s house with my billet mom and brother talking about these past seven months that I have been here. In a few weeks I will leave this place and go back to my family back in Sweden. It has been a truly amazing experience for me here but more about that in my next post which also will be my last here on Scandinavian Hockey Consulting.

Until my next post, take care!


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