Henning Dahlberg

Posted on November 1, 2015

A big warm hockey-hello to everybody this cold and grey Sunday afternoon. To begin with I am going to lead you on a non-hockey sidetrack. Food. There is some kinds of food that I miss from Sweden. The biggest of them all is kaviar. I miss this Swedish delicacy like a mother misses her child if it is on the other side of the planet….I am so addicted to kaviar that it is ridiculous. Another food that I miss is blodpudding, that bloody, fantastic and wonderful food is amazing alongside some bacon and potatoes with a decent amount (around 2dl) of Swedish “krösamos”.

Well now that I have got that out of my systems we can focus on hockey. We have played a couple of games since the last update and it has been both good and not that good performances. This week we have played one game against the Northern Cyclones, last year Eastern Hockey League’s runner-up. A tough and physical game that was even a long time before the Cyclones scored three unanswered goals before we got one to get some excitement in the game. After sixty minutes the scoreboard showed 4-1 and we had lost after their last empty net goal.

Two more games where to be played this week for us since we played the New England Wolves in back-to-back games. We won both games and managed to score 15 goals and we only allowed 2 goals against us in those games. An impressing performance I believe and it was fun to see that all of our lines produced goals and put up some good points to improve our confidence as a team. A confidence that is well needed when we are now heading in to an intense week were we will play Wednesday against the Boston Jr. Rangers and then travel to Simsbury, CT, to attend the Veteran’s Day Showcase Saturday-Monday.

I will try to keep you guys updated more frequently in the future, until next time.


#21 Henning Dahlberg

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