Henning Dahlberg

Posted on November 17, 2015

Hello everybody! Once again bad update by me but due to that I have a lot to write about. Last week was spent in Simsbury, CT, where we attended the Veteran´s Day Showcase. It was, just like the previous showcase, so much fun and the hockey part was better than last time as well. We ended up playing 1-1-1, that means one win, one overtime loss and one loss after regular time. We played the three teams based from Philadelphia in the EHL, the Jr. Flyers, Little Flyers and the Revolution. These teams played a different hockey from what we are used to, it was a harder and more physical hockey which was very fun. The Revolution was good, they lead the Southern Conference and is a solid team that was a good puck moving team which payed of since they beat us 3-0(last goal in empty net) even though we played very good against them.

As I said earlier, the Showcase is so much fun with more people watching the games and all the games are hard and fast since everyone tries to play at the best of their abilities to showcase themselves in front of all the scouts. Personally it went pretty good. I think I created a lot of chances and played a solid defensive game but unfortunately I could not put the puck in the net once during the weekend but I am sure that if I keep working hard the points will come on a regular basis. But after all the points are just one part of the game in this complex sport.

Yesterday we played 2nd ranked Walpole Express for the third time this year and after two losses against them we finally beat them on home ice 3-1. It was undoubtedly one of our best performances this year in it was such a fun game to play. It had everything, nice goals, gritty goals, a lot of hits, it was intense and it had the first big fight this year. My billet brother, number 27 Paul Antkowiak, got in a fight with their captain after a late hit and well….Paul won the fight quite noticeably. The other guy probably still doesn´t know where he is.

The game was special for me for another reason as well, my mom and her husband is visiting me for the next ten days and it was so fun to see them again after being apart for a couple of months. They saw yesterday’s game and their going to watch our game on Friday against the Monarchs also. After that game we have a nine days Thanksgiving break. On Saturday I am taking them to the Bruins game against the Leafs.

Everything is going well here for me and I really enjoy my time here so far. I am getting more and more adapted to the American lifestyle every day while I simultaneously keep develop as a hockey player.

Take care,

Henning Dahlberg

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