Henning Dahlberg

Posted on November 29, 2015

Hello everyone, there has been a lot going on since my last update. The following week after my post my mom and her husband was here visiting. It was an awesome week! They stayed in Newburyport which is about 40 minutes from Salem so we spent almost every day together. I tried to do some sightseeing, which was kind of interesting since I don’t know that much about the surroundings(the sightseeing only took about 2 hours haha). I was also visiting a couple of schools that week which was an interesting experience. It was very fortunate that my mom could attend as well. They stayed until Monday this week and you can guess which one of us that completely burst in to tears once it was time to say goodbye…they had a safe flight home and I am happy that they could come over to see a small part of what I am experiencing.


This week has been a week full of food, food and more food. Thanksgiving has been an experience over the natural and I have loved every moment of it! I have probably extend my stomach to the fullest and I will probably don’t have to eat until Christmas (maybe that is one of the purposes of Thanksgiving…). Me and my billet family has been visiting relatives to the family every other day and I got to say that my billet family is absolutely wonderful. We spent Thanksgiving day at their one of their grandparents and their whole family on that side were there and we it was just an amazing day.


Since we have been on a break from hockey this week, we have only been relaxing and reloading for what is coming soon. Tomorrow (Monday) hockey start again. Even though I hate breaks, I rather practice twice a day than have one day off, it still have some positive effects. It lets you rest and heal any injuries you have and it makes you crave for hockey even more. So tomorrow we are finally back at it again and we can get going with our everyday rituals again.


Henning Dahlberg

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