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Postat den 20 mars, 2017

We usually check in with some of our SHC-players throughout the season. Today, we sat down and talked with Jocke Blomgren – goaltender for Valencia Flyers outside of Los Angeles, California.

Tell us about your team and league.

The team I play on is called the "Valencia Flyers" one of the top teams in the (WSHL) junior league, which has 26 different teams, and is called the league Tier ||


How have you liked it so far?

This far I've really enjoyed being here everyday, especially because the hockey is so big here in the USA, although, you have to be here to really see how big it is. I also love the warm California weather combined with the cd ice station.


What is the best thing about living in California?

The Best thing about living in California is that everyone is so nice to me, I don't know if it's just me or what it is haha. But the people really take care of you and do the best they can to help you if you need it. That's the best thing for sure!


What's the biggest difference from back home, both on and off the ice?

The on ice difference between home here and Sweden is that the rink is smaller and you have to be prepared for shots all the time anywhere from the ice, it's also a tougher game with more hits and a lot of fights! Off ice the difference is that the coaches are much tougher here than back home and you always have to wear a suit on game days, if you forget your suit you can forget to playing the game. You very often eat at fast food restaurants because there are so many different ones here. As well Americans are much more outgoing than Swedes. Haha


We would like to thank Jocke for taking time to chat with us!

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