Checking in with Gustaf Arfelt

Posted on November 27, 2017


Stockholm born Gustaf Arfelt is in his third year of hockey in North America. After graduating from Northwood Prep School in Lake Placid, NY he is now representing Connecticut Rough Riders in the EHL. We talked with Gustaf to see how things are going for him this year:


Tell us a little bit about what team and league you are playing in.

I play for the Connecticut Rough Riders in the EHL, located in Norwalk CT.


How has the season been so far?

It has been good so far, we have lost a couple games that should had been a victory for us, but you just have to be patient and give it all next game. But that's what I like about this league, any team can beat anyone. So you have to be ready to play every single game. There is always schools watching you play, so that is good. And we have a great depth in our team so I think we have great chance to go far this year.



What has been the best part of playing junior hockey in North America?

That you are basically living the life as a professional player, except you don't get paid. You practice in the morning for a couple of ours, then you have the whole day off. And then games on weekends usually, and there is always scouts watching you play, so every time you get on the ice during the game you have to give a 100% effort, because you never know who's watching. So the best part about playing junior hockey in North America is the opportunity you get to show yourself to schools so you further can develop your career as a hockey player. the chances you get into a college or university if you play junior hockey here then in swe

But you have to make sure you are doing something during the day, some guys in my team go to their work after practice, other guys takes classes at nearby colleges. And for myself and some other international players are studying for the SAT which is really important if you wanna get into a good college or university.
Some players live in a billet, but I live in an apartment with 3 other guys from the team


What are your goals for next season?

My goals for next season is to play college Hockey. I want to combine the academics and Hockey so college is a perfect solution. So right now I’m just trying to do my best and hopefully I will go to a school where I can develop as a player and get a great education.


Thank you Gustaf and best of luck the rest of the way!


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