Lucas Andersson moved from DIF to Valley

Posted on March 2, 2017
Andersson at College Hockey Sweden

Andersson at College Hockey Sweden


As we do every month, we have checked in with one of our players this month to see how his season in North America has been. Lucas Andersson spent three seasons with Swedish powerhouse Jr Team Djurgården. He won the National Championship, as well as the World Club Championship in Russia. Now, he plays for the Valley jr Warriors just outside of Boston, MA.

Hi Lucas, please tell us about how you decided to move to the US to play: I played for Djurgårdens IF for 3 years and I wanted to do something else and different after high school and I didn't want to play for any other team in Sweden. So thats why i decided to move to the US and then maybe be lucky and have the chance to play college hockey in the future.

What team and in what league are you now, and how has the experience been? I am playing for the Valley jr Warriors in the EHL (eastern hockey league). its has been great experience, the league is very competitive. almost all of the team can win over each other. So you have to bring your A game every game or you will lose.

How has it been living with a billet family? Its has been great. they have been taken care of me very good. they are helping my with everything. its very fun to see the different culture compare to Sweden.

What is the biggest difference from back home, on and off the ice? Here in the US its more read and react on the ice, you use the boards more here to chip the puck to make plays. People are more competitive and play very physical. Sometimes very ugly, so heads up! People here are more open and its very easy to make a lot of friends and they will take good care of you.

What are your future goals with hockey are you going to college next year, or playing another season of juniors? I don’t know where I want to go to college yet. possibly another year of juniors! I haven’t decide yet.

What to you advise for players back home who have the thoughts about moving to North America? Just do it and be smart in what league you want to play in. Play in a league where you know you will play a lot in, but remember don’t think you are better then everyone else because no one will like that. American hockey is pretty different compare to Swedish hockey so it probably gonna take some games until you are used to everything.

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