College Hockey

College Hockey combines the best of worlds, hockey and academics! Around 30% of the players in the NHL have played NCAA College Hockey.

There are different types of College Hockey:

NCAA Division I is the highest level of college hockey. Players can receive athletic scholarships and typically come from high end Junior Hockey leagues in the U.S., Canada and European Junior Leagues.

NCAA Division III is a very high level of play, but does not offer athletic scholarships. You can receive International and Academic scholarships. Players typically come from Junior Hockey Leagues in the U.S., Canada and European Junior Leagues.

ACHA College Hockey (three levels of hockey are played by ACHA D1, D2 and D3 college teams)

What is included in our recruiting service for College Hockey?

  • Identification and guidance to a College Hockey Team that suits your level of play, AND suits you as a student academically and financially.
  • Personal mentor for you and your family both in Europe and in the United States!
  • Administrative assistance with applications etc.
  • Instruction manual for College Hockey.
  • Workout Manual.
  • Administrative help with VISA application.

Being a student athlete means you must be able to handle both school and hockey. Not just one of them. As an advisor we will guide you through the process of finding the right fit. When dealing with College Hockey we always look for 3 main things in no particular order.

  1. Hockey
  2. Academics
  3. Financials

For you to have a great college experience, all of the above need to work.

“If you succeed, we succeed”

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